Wedding in Tuscany

LOVE was the leading word of this wedding. You will see it, you will feel it.

For those who missed it, It’s the second part of the Wedding in Tuscany, a life changing experience from last year and a living proof that there’s no such bad weather condition that can not be beaten by the positive energy of a happy bride and groom. A surrealistic venue, the most incredible first dance ever, special care for details, photogenic guests and vintage VW van under the same roof!

I think every respected photographer should show entire wedding stories on their blogs and websites and not just a selection of single images. A wedding is much more than 15 posed photos. It should be a balanced story from the getting ready, till the last dance. Only constant photo quality through the entire day, distinguishes a great photographer from an average one. But that’s just my opinion.

Apart from this, I’m very glad that the WPJA recognized 2 of my single images from this wedding as award winning.

Enjoy the story.

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