New York, Hamptons, Montauk wedding!

2 hours in a car, 2 hours at the airport, check-in and boarding, 10 hours on a plane, 1 hour to get out of the airport, 15 minutes on an air train, 30 minutes on the metro, 3 hours on a train, 3 minutes on a shuttle bus … and back. And yet, I would do it a thousand times over again, rather than never experiencing such an amazing thing.

New York, Long Island, Montauk Yacht Club.

True, this is an amazing location. But believe it or not, the location was just the smallest part of the experience. Destiny wanted me to meet two incredibly beautiful human beings, Tara and Ravi. I’m still amazed by their simplicity, their kindness, their genuineness.

A mix between a traditional Indian and Catholic wedding. The event consisted of two ceremonies, getting ready twice, 4 wedding dresses and one crazy party. It was my first time shooting an Indian ceremony and I can still feel the energy of the beating drums, the people dancing, the colourful dresses and Ravi on his white horse. Everybody was smiling. It was damn good.

And then there was Tara. So gorgeous in her wedding dress. She was so relaxed and happy every single moment of that day. It was such an intense wedding, but I really enjoyed giving it my best.

None of this would have been possible without my friend and great photographer who was by my side the whole time. His support really went a long way! Make sure to check out Jaka Vinsek’s outstanding projects.

I know this may sound a little corny, but I truly believe that if you want something really bad, if your thoughts are sincere and if you are a good person every single day of your life, your wishes can come true.

A rainy Friday turned into a hot summer Saturday.



Wedding planner: Riri Patel,

or Facebook link (Highly recommended vendor!)

Wedding florist: Alejandra Lucci,


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