The Wedding Photobook


The real wedding photobook is included in all the wedding packages. It’s dimensions are 32x27cm, with fully printed cover and box. Digital inkjet on a 170 gramms glossy paper allows you to have a 200+ pages wedding book with lots of full page photos. The dimensions are fixed and it’s not possible to change them, except two smaller sizes of parents book 23,5×20,5cm and 18x15cm.



Artbook is a luxury wedding photobook  printed on photopaper with UV lamination for a longer resistance in time. Pages are tick and you can choose between a vaste rabge of different materials for the cover, tha bag or the box. The dimensions are 38x25cm and the parent books 25×19. The designing of the book is fully personalized without premade templates.


Artbook video


For the best experience, I recommend to use the “Acrylic” cover, which is made from plexy glass and a photo (second book seen on the video). Or choosing between one of the “Glamour” series of covers, which can be composed with two different materials and a central window with photo (first book seen on the video).

The Artbook Box

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